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Welcome to NOUSAKU Image Library. This Image Library includes product images and scenes taken inside our foundry. It is designed to provide images to
-editorial and news purposes for use by press agencies, journalists, and our customers
-end users (consumers) for their private use for our smoother operation.

All images, photos, trademarks, and information contained in the Image Library can be accessed only by those who had thoroughly read following user policy and had accepted it.
Access is by secure user ID password and is strictly for use by our approved partners only. To set up secure access, please contact via sales [AT]

User Policy

The Use

  • All image data stored in this Image Library are to be used only for introduction of our company and products including creation of promotional materials, and for personal use by the end users.
  • Each image must be credited individually by putting [image from NOUSAKU ] [provided by NOUSAKU] [Image: NOUSAKU] or similar, at the bottom of each image.
    Kindly inform us website link of the page where it is indicated. If it is a printed material, please send us a copy to NOUSAKU CORP. / 8-1 Office Park, Takaoka, Toyama, 939-1119, Japan.
  • NOUSAKU has the right to refuse an issue of ID/PW to the applicant for any of the following reasons:
    • constitute or could constitute a violation of the User Policy
    • a clerical error or erroneous input of the applicant’s registered information or any of the relevant false act
    • when decided not appropriate by NOUSAKU regardless of their reasons.
  • Images and name or description of the Image included in the Image Library is subject to change without notice. NOUSAKU may also temporarily stop, deactivate the service, or close the Image Library itself. In such cases, please contact us directly.
  • Information provided by the applicant will be handled properly by NOUSAKU based on our Privacy Policy.

Prohibited actions

  • ID and PW provided by NOUSAKU are not to leak, lend, license, nor trade to the third party.
  • Use of images under the condition which gives an impression differing substantially from the initial intention is strictly prohibited. Trimming of particular product and personnel, irrelevant usage of these images (improper to promotion of NOUSAKU), or adjusting color tone is also not allowed.
  • We do not accept the usage of images which may lead to misinterpretation of the facts, such as showing brass casting scene as tin casting. Should you have questions or inquiries, kindly contact at sales [AT] for an advice.
  • Producing and selling any products, including calendars, posters, and postcards, using images in the Image Library is prohibited. Clipping part of the image and/or act of selling these images which enables secondary use by a party other than the user also is not accepted.
  • Copying images stored in the
  • We do not accept using images stored in the Image Library for any type of the rental business, and/or copying these images for sale or lease. Providing images to other photo stock service is also the same.
  • Any actions which may cause injustice or misunderstanding, lead derogatory actions, or be offensive to public order and morals are prohibited.
  • Failure to comply with this policy and/or purpose of this service may result in suspension of use.
  • NOUSAKU will have the right to reject the demand for compensation, in the event of any loss which has been caused by the User (in relation with the previous section).
  • User will be fully responsible for any damage or loss to a third party which may be caused by the use of images in the Image Library.
  • If User intentionally or negligently caused any damage to NOUSAKU using the images inside Image Library, NOUSAKU has the right to claim damages caused by such action.


  • All of the images and content within and made available on the Image Library is the sole property of NOUSAKU. Copyright, as well as intellectual property, usage, and other rights are owned by NOUSAKU and are protected by the copyright law and related international laws.

Terms and conditions stated on this page are subject to change without notice. Amended User Policy would be applicable immediately after the changes are posted on this website.

2014. 5. 15

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