600279 Caprice – Round – gold


NameCaprice - Round
Sizeφ40 H30
Price¥Contact us for the price list (¥Contact us for the price list)
MaterialTin (100%), gold leaf
Introduction1. Caprice – Round with macaron
4. Caprice – Round with chocolate
3. Caprice – Round

Products ‘Collections, design by Sylvie Amar Studio’ were made by artisans of NOUSAKU using casting techniques handed down over 400 years in Takaoka, Japan. The Collection is exclusively designed for the professionals of hotel & restaurant industry, and not for the retail market.
To ensure optimum durability Products Collections, design by Sylvie Amar Studio, please observe the following conditions of use:
- Avoid exposing the dishes at temperatures below 0 °C and above 100°C
- Do not use the dishwasher
- Use a soft cloth or sponge with dishwasher product (ph neutral) for a daily wash
- To restore its radiance to dishes, it is recommended to clean with water and baking soda, rubbing in a circle
- Do not place the product in a tin oven microwave, or in contact with the flame
- Do not store tin wares in a freezer, nor refrigerator in a long term (Only 2-3 minutes is enough to cool.)
- Tin wares become very hot when hot liquid is poured. Take care not to be burnt when handling.
- The feet of the plates and bowls are coated to prevent marking your table linen: polish food.
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