Industrial tourism


You can observe our craftsmen’s techniques closely, smell the sand, feel the temperature and hear the sounds while our guide explains the casting techniques and processes which have been cultivated over the past 400 years in Takaoka City. We assure you of an unforgettable experience through this unique tour.

Reservation is requiredWeb site: Click here for the reservation
Tel: 0766-63-5080
Fax: 0766-63-5510
*Please contact over the phone when any of the following applies or is the purpose of your visit.
- Group of over 10 people.
- Need a guidance in another language.
- Need an assistance such as wheelchair, walker etc.
- Reservation change.
- As an extracurricular school activities.
- As an off the job training of a company.
- In case you have any special requests for the tour.
Notes for reservation*We ask for just one reservation for one visit.
Making several reservations for one visit is not allowed.
*Tours are available on a first come, first served basis.
*Please allow us to call you when confirmation of the reservation is needed.
*Foundry is closed on Sunday and National Holiday.
(Saturday on company holiday)
Please be noted that some production line may be closed due to a maintenance during your visit.
* Online reservation, changes of the number of group or the time are accepted until 7 days before your visit.
Please call us for reservation or changes after above period.
ClosedSunday・National Holiday・Over the New Year’s holiday
*Saturday on company holiday
*Please check the calendar for further information
Required timeApproximately 60 minutes
*Please contact over the phone if you have any requests such as the time and the program of a tour.
Timeschedule 9:30-10:30 / 11:00-12:00 / 13:00-14:00 / 14:30-15:30 /16:00-17:00
Group size1 - 60 people
* Please contact over the phone if the group is over 60 people
Notes*Inside the foundry, it gets very hot and humid in the summer and very cold in the winter so that appropriate clothing is recommended.
*We use sand during the production. Children, elderly and who has health concerns are suggested to put on a face mask (flue mask) inside the foundry.
*Please refrain from wearing open toe shoes, high heels and platform shoes.
The meeting place

*The meeting place is in front of the big monitor screen on your right from the entrance.
*Please come by the start time. The tour might be canceled if you are late without any prior notice.
Notes*Strollers are not allowed for the tour.
*Please refrain from drinking, eating or smoking inside the foundry.
*Your entry to the tour will be refused while intoxicated.
*Please follow our instructions inside the foundry to ensure your safety.
*Please refrain from bringing a big baggage in the building, and carry your personal belongings with you during the tour.
*Photography and video shooting are allowed but only for personal use.
*Tour program and route might be changed depending on the situation.
*We may ask you to take the tour with other groups due to the number of a group.
*Please be noted that we shall not bear any responsibility for any accidents or injuries as a result of personal issues.
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