Experience Nousaku items through the special meals and desserts

Located between NOUSAKU factory and Takaoka station in Toyama prefecture, it consists of gallery space where you can purchase all NOUSAKU items and a fine cafe where we offer special meals and desserts using our tableware.


Come and enjoy our display visualizing various daily situations,
flexible wares & home accessories, and also beautiful sounds of wind bells.
We hope to introduce uses & scenes of our items, varying with the seasons.


We offer delicious homemade cakes, special desserts and breads using well-selected organic ingredients
such as domestic wheat and salt, millet sugar and safe pure water.
Our dishes are all wholesome, fresh and safe, free from food additives or preservative.


Coffee JPY400Tea JPY450
Fresh banana juice JPY450Other soft drinks
Spagetti with bacon and mushrooms JPY800Homemade curry & rice JPY850
Homemade cake set JPY600Coffee with vanilla ice cream JPY400
Ice cream with rice-flour dumplings JPY400Dessert plate JPY600


Address1-28, Kumano-machi, Takaoka-city, Toyama, 933-0903, JAPAN
Tel/fax81-766-21-7007 / 81-766-21-7077
Hours-Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm ( until 6:00 pm from Jan to Feb)
-Sunday & National holidays 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
*Closed on Monday
AccessBy car: 10 minutes drive from Takaoka station, Toyama prefecture
Parking6 cars
Capacity10 seats / no smoking


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