Limited Items for This Spring: Cherry Blossom Inspired Items

We are pleased to announce that the limited items for this spring will be available at our retail and online shops from February 21st, 2018. These items are in the motif of cherry blossom and best for your spring gift.

1. Sake Cup – KIKI – II [cherry blossom pink] JPY 4,536 (incl. tax)
2. Kuzushi – Yure – XS [cherry blossom pink] JPY 5,400 (incl. tax)
3. Chopstick Rest – sakura – set of 5 [cherry blossom pink] JPY 4,320 (incl. tax)
4. Sakura Sake Set JPY 15,012 (incl. tax)
(Contents: Sake/Sauce Pitcher – S, Sake Cup – KIKI – II, Sake Cup – KIKI – II [cherry blossom pink] and Chopstick Rest – sakura – tin and cherry blossom pink)
5. Sakura Sake Set – mini JPY 7,614 (incl. tax)
(Contents: Kuzushi – Yure – XS [cherry blossom pink] and Flower Tray – Japanese Cherry – XS)
For sale on February 21st, 2018 (Wed.) at our retail and online shops
(presale on January 17th, 2017 at Hankyu Umeda shop)

Kindly note that the number of the items is limited. Please ask each shop for the availability.
We are looking forward to your visit.

NOUSAKU Winter Garden to be Opened

We are pleased to announce that a winter festival “NOUSAKU Winter Garden” will be held at our foundry.
You can enjoy Kamakura (igloo in Japanese) from January 16th to 23rd and a special factory tour on February 4th and 11th, 2018 (a reservation is required for the factory tour).

You will also have an opportunity to get a special gift if you try workshop or purchase our items at our shop (the minimum price is set to get the special gift).

For more details, please kindly contact us at
Please enjoy winter seasons at Nousaku with your family and/or friends.

Period: from January 4th to February 28th, 2018
Location: Nousaku foundry (Office park 8-1, Takaoka city, Toyama)

Season’s Greetings from NOUSAKU

We wish you a happy holiday season and joyful New Year 2018.

Last year was memorial year for us since our new office and foundry was opened. We sincerely appreciate your support and encouragement over the past years.

We will keep making efforts and hope to receive your continued patronage in this year.

President & CEO
January 1st, 2018

Special Gift for New Year

Thank you for your continuous support and patronage.

Celebrating the new year, customers who make purchases over JPY 15,000 (incl. tax) will receive a NOUSAKU calendar currently sold from January 1st at our retail and online shops in Japan.

Please note that the number of the special gifts is limited and only one per person.
All of us at NOUSAKU look forward to your visit.

Holiday Notice from NOUSAKU

We would like to announce that we will be close as below for winter holidays in Japan. For inquiries and orders received within the period, we will be back to you as soon as possible after our return to work.

  • Office, workshop space “NOUSAKU LAB” and café “IMONO KITCHEN”
    From December 29th, 2017 to January 3rd, 2018
    From 12: 00 on December 28th, 2017 to January 3rd, 2018
  • Shops

Limited item: Lucky Bags for Celebrating the New Year 2018

Celebrating the new year 2018, we will release lucky bags full of valuable items, not only popular tablewares but also limited items at FACTORY SHOP. We have two kinds of the bag, “Take” at JPY 10,800 and “Matsu” at JPY 21,600 (including tax). In addition, “Hatsuyume” at JPY 32,400 is also available only at Nihombashi Mitukoshi shop and Hankyu Umeda shop.

These bags will be for sale at all our retail shops in Japan on the first opening day in the new year (refer to the following schedule). And advance orders are now available at our online shop and will be shipped after January 4th, 2018.

The number of the bags is limited. Please do not miss this opportunity!
For more details, please ask our staff at each shop.

Lucky bag “Take” JPY 10,800 (incl. tax)

Lucky bag “Matsu” JPY 21,600 (incl. tax)

Lucky bag “Hatsuyume” JPY 32,400 (incl. tax)
<Only at Nihombashi Mitsukoshi and Hankyu Umeda shops>

The first opening date of each shops is as below.
We are looking forward to your visit.

January 1st (Mon)
Palace Hotel Tokyo, Hakata Hankyu and Marier Toyama

January 2nd (Tue)
Nihombashi Mitsukoshi, Matsuya Ginza, Hankyu Umeda, JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Daimaru Kobe, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi and Toyama Daiwa

January 3rd (Wed)

January 4th (Thu)

[New Arrival] Sake Cup – Oni

We are pleased to announce that our new item “Sake Cup – Oni” will be available at our FACTORY SHOP and online shop from December 18, 2017 in advance of the other shops

This cup has an Oni (Japanese demon) face on the outside and an Otafuku (smiling woman’s face with the meaning of “inviting many lucks”) face on the inside, expressing “Demons out! luck in!”.
This word is derived from a special ritual in early February (new year’s eve in lunar year) to cleanse away all the evil of the former year and drive away disease-bringing evil spirits for the year to come.
Please enjoy such a humorous item.

This item is recommended also for welcoming the new year.




Sake Cup – Oni – L  JPY 5,400,  [gold] JPY 9,180 (incl. tax)
Sake Cup – Oni – M  JPY 4,968,  [gold] JPY 8,424 (incl. tax)
Sake Cup – Oni – S  JPY 4,320,  [gold] JPY 7,344 (incl. tax)

For sale from December 18, 2017 only at FACTORY SHOP and online shop
(The releasing date at the other shops will be announced later.)

We are looking forward to your visit.

2018 NOUSAKU Calendar

We are pleased to announce that we made 2018 NOUSAKU calendar in response to our customers’ requests.
This calendar shows you the working sceneries of our craftsmen.

Only available at our retail and online shops in Japan.

For sale from December 16, 2017
Price: JPY 1,404 (incl. tax)

We are looking forward to your visit.

Limited Items for New Year

We are pleased to announce that the following limited items for new year are now available at our retail and online shops  in Japan.

Tin 100% chopsticks and sake cups which have each of Chinese characters “萬福無極 (manfuku-mukyoku)” written by Mr. Shogo Kuroda, a Japanese calligrapher in Takaoka-city. This word means “unlimited happiness” and used to wish happy life.

Sake Cup – unlimited happiness – set of 4
Price: JPY 19,440 (incl. tax) Capacity: approx. 30 cc

Chopstick Rest – unlimited happiness – set of 4
Price: JPY 4,320 (incl. tax)

Taking after a fan-shaped lacquer plate by NOSAKU, lacquerwares shop in Kanazawa, we made tin fan-shaped plate. The sand texture made by casting enhances its beautiful form, which has been evolved in long history. Fan is said to have the meaning of “prosperity” in Japan since it widens toward the end when opened.

Fan-shaped Plate
Price: JPY 5,400 (incl. tax)
Size: H8 W183 D107 mm
For sale from December 6, 2017

The number of items is limited. Kindly ask each shop for the availability.
All of us at NOUSAKU look forward to your visit.

Collaborative Items with FINAL FANTASY

We are pleased to announce that 100 % tin items collaborating with FINAL FANTASY, a popular roll-playing-game, have just released on December 1st, 2017 (only available in Japan).
Celebrating the release of “DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT” and 30th anniversary of “FINAL FANTASY”, this series was produced in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. and LIVES Inc. to tell Japanese culture and crafts to the world.
We would like many FF fans to have new surprise and enjoyment with our “bendable” item.

As the first release, advance orders of the following items have been taken from December 1st, 2017.
(The second release is also scheduled. Please do not miss the follow-up information.)


From the left, Bahamūt, Leviathan and Mascots
Price: JPY 10,584 (incl. tax)
Material: 100 % tin
Size: H115、φ65mm, Capacity: approx. 200 cc


From the left, Chocobo, Cactuar,  Moogle and Tonberr
Price: JPY 9,504 (incl. tax)
Material: 100 % tin
Size: H3 W145 D140 mm

[How to purchase]
Advance orders taken at following websites from 0:00 on December 1, 2017 (Fri.) to 23:59 on January 31, 2018 (Wed.)
(1) Lawson Ticket HMV (Japanese only)
Loppi station
(2) SQUARE ENIX Official online shop  “SQUARE ENIX  e-STORE” (Japanese only)

Delivery starting date: March 15, 2018 (Thu.)

Also available at following stores from March 15, 2018 (Thu.)
NOUSAKU shops in Japan
LIVES shops at Ginza and Ochanomizu

Please do not miss this opportunity!

[New arrival] Sake Cup – Oriental Zodiac – Dog

The latest item of our Oriental Zodiac series, Dog, will be priorly released on October 18, 2017 at our retail shops including Taipei Marriott Hotel shop, and online shop.

This sake cup series was launched in 2010, and the animal of 2018, dog is the 9th animal starting from Tiger.
Dog has meanings of “safe delivery, safety, protection, loyalty and devotion” since it is faithful animal and has associated with humans from long ago.

Although it is designed as a sake cup, you can also enjoy it as a table accessory or an interior object.
Each animal comes in 2 types, 100% pure tin and with gold leaf applied inside.

Kindly refer to the following link for the detail: Dog / Dog [Gold]


Limited editions in Autumn

We are pleased to announce that the limited editions in this autumn will be exclusively available at our retail and online shops in Japan.
From the old days in Japan, people has enjoyed waxing moon and admired the full moon in autumn season known as Tsukimi, a moon-viewing celebration, drinking sake and having good food.
These limited items will surely enhance the enjoyment of Tsukimi.
Please have pleasant times with your dearest in the long autumn evenings.
All of us at NOUSAKU look forward to your visit.

For sale on September 6, 2017 (Thu.)

NAJIMI tumbler – “Japanese pampas grass”
JPY 7,236 (incl. tax)

Tsukimi set
JPY 21,600 (incl. tax)

For sale on September 17, 2017 (Sun.)

Sake pitcher/ cup – moon set
JPY 17,928 (incl. tax)

Our foundry signs won the SDA awards

We are pleased to announce that signs in our new foundry, designed by Mr. Yoshifumi Mizuno from Mizuno-zuanshitsu, won the 51st SDA awards. This award is hosted by the Japan Sign Design Association aiming at improvement and promotion of sign designs.

You can find various catchy designs throughout our new foundry, such as brass signs and the other signs with a motif of our wind bells.
Please also have a look those awarded signs when you have an opportunity to visit our foundry.

Limited edition: “Wind bell – the Milky Way”

We are pleased to announce that the limited edition: “Wind bell – the Milky Way” will be available at our retail and online shops in Japan from June 14th.
“Tanabata” known as “The Star Festival” is celebrated in July, to commemorate the romantic story of two lovers represented by the stars Vega and Altair. According to a legend, the Milky Way separates these lovers, and they are allowed to across the Milky Way and meet each other only once a year on the evening of July 7th.
Two separate slips are becoming one and it express the story of two lovers.
Please enjoy the twinkle sound floating in the breeze while imaging the beautiful starlit sky.

On sales: June 14th
Price: JPY 5,724 (incl. tax)

This is a limited supply item. Kindly contact each shop for the availability.
All of us at NOUSAKU look forward to your visit.


The first conference of the Japan Traditional Production Area Association will be held at the NOUSAKU headquarters on Friday, May 19th.
The business on the day will be as follows:

FACTORY TOUR (factory guided tour) – all booked
NOUSAKU LAB (metal casting workshop) – all booked
IMONO KITCHEN (café) – all booked
FACTORY SHOP (retail shop) – regular business (10:00 – 18:00)

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and appreciate your kind understanding.

Office Relocation Announcement

We are pleased to announce that NOUSAKU has founded a new office/foundry with a concept of “Industrial Tourism”.The new office/foundry is on the grounds of approximate 1.4 ha and can accommodate total of over 50,000 visitors a year.You can actually feel the technique depth of craftmen supporting traditional industry in the new foundry.

In the building, we have a direct shop “FACTORY SHOP” where you can see/purchase limited items, a café “IMONO KITCHEN” where you can enjoy local foods with NOUSAKU tablewares, a tourist information center “TOYAMA DOORS” where we provide tourist information of Toyama prefecture which is recommended by NOUSAKU, a workshop “NOUSAKU LAB” where you can try hands-on activities.










We are all looking forward to your visit.

President & CEO

Please visit here for more details.

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