Sylvie Amar Studio Collection

Handcrafted in Takaoka, Japan... dedicated to the gourmet cuisine

The new tableware collection design by Sylvie Amar Studio were made by artisans of NOUSAKU using casting techniques handed down over 400 years in Takaoka, Japan. Known as an expensive metal after gold and silver, tin is known for its antibacterial qualities and for its food compatibility. It is said in Japan that water poured into a tin container does not deteriorate and the water would be purified. It is also known to remove excessive bitterness from Japanese sake, therefore has been used to serve sake at the emperor's court from old days.
Like our original products, most of following products are made of pure 100% tin except for UNIQUE Plate. NOUSAKU basically uses pure tin. Though it depends on the shape and thickness, pure tin is soft and flexible which can be bent by hand. The sound produced by hand when bent is called "Tin Cry" making this material even unique. Like any metal, tin oxide, and shiny surface in the beginning will eventually become less bright, but regular washing & handling will maintain its beauty.

Instructions for use / Maintenance

To ensure optimum durability Products Collections 2013, design by Sylvie Amar Studio, please observe the following conditions of use:
- Avoid exposing the dishes at temperatures below 0 ℃ and above 100 ℃
- Do not use the dishwasher
- Use a soft cloth or sponge with dishwasher product (ph neutral) for a daily wash
- To restore its radiance to dishes, it is recommended to clean with water and baking soda, rubbing in a circle
- Do not place the product in a tin oven microwave, or in contact with the flame
- Do not store tin wares in a freezer, nor refrigerator in a long term (Only 2-3 minutes is enough to cool.)
- Tin wares become very hot when hot liquid is poured. Take care not to be burnt when handling.
- The feet of the plates and bowls are coated to prevent marking your table linen: polish food.

As these are only for the professionals, we exhibit these to trade shows and exhibition. For any questions or requests including samples & prices, please contact via to NOUSAKU CORPORATION. Be sure to mention that you are a professional of gourmet cuisine industry, and any particular product.

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