700012 Denture bath – Feuille – Pink

700011_700012_700013_Denture bath - Feuille

NameDenture bath - Feuille
SizeH60 W76 D98mm
Box sizeH67 W117 D70mm
(with box)
260g (320g)
MaterialBody: Tin(100%) Lid: Antibacterial resin plastic
IntroductionThis item is made of 100% pure tin using traditional casting technique handed down through generations for more than 400 years. As tin is known to absorb impurities and purify water by its high antibacterial property, this container enables to keep dental care products clean.
The antibacterial resin plastic lid comes in 3 colors: white, pink and green.

- After cleaning dental care products such as dentures, please keep it in container filled with water.
- Please change the water every day.
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