600222 Small Plate – Time Kerchief

600222_Small plate_Time Kerchief

NameSmall Plate - Time Kerchief
SizeH2 W107 D107mm
Box sizeH15 W115 D115mm
(with box)
156g (190g)
MaterialTin (100%)
IntroductionThis is a special series in collaboration with “Doraemon” a legendary manga, made using traditional casting techniques handed down for more than 400 years in Takaoka which is the hometown of Mr. Fujiko. F. Fujio, the author.
Designed after Time Kerchief, this small plate is made of 100% pure tin which possesses high antibacterial properties and heat conductivity, and that makes perfect for serving cold food.
As pure tin is soft enough to be bent by hand, you can change the shape as to suit your use.
*Available only within Japan.
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