600220 Chopstick rest- Himitsu Dōgu (Secret gadgets) – set of 5

600220_Chopstick rest_Himitsu Dogu(Secret gadgets)_set of 5

NameChopstick rest- Himitsu Dōgu (Secret gadgets) – set of 5
SizeTake-Copter H8 W43.5 D31.5/ Doraemon's Bell H9 W37.5 D36.5/ Dokodemo Door H8 W29 D40/ Small Light H9 W26 D44/ Memory Bread H7.5 W30 D40mm
Box sizeH20 W232 D67mm
(with box)
117g (180g)
IntroductionThis is a special series in collaboration with “Doraemon” a legendary manga, made using traditional casting techniques handed down for more than 400 years in Takaoka which is the hometown of Mr. Fujiko. F. Fujio, the author.
Made of 100% pure tin, the set of 5 secret gadgets is perfect as tableware with its high antibacterial properties.
Not only as chopstick rest, can be used as a paperweight, interior accessories or anything to add enjoyment to your life.
*Available only within Japan
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