600042 Cutlery Holder – lucky motif – Tortoise shell


NameCutlery Holder – lucky motif
SizeH2 W88 D34mm
Color/ShapeTortoise shell
Box sizeW100 D50mm
(with box)
35g (38g)
MaterialTin 100%
IntroductionThe cutlery rest is made using traditional casting technique which has been passed down through generations for over 400 years in Takaoka, Japan. Pure tin ware is hygienic, washable and safe for serving foods. Suitable for chopsticks and spoons, as well as card holders.
Meaning of 5 Patterns: From left, Nandina: lucky plant which is believed to turn problems into blessings, Tortoiseshell: meaning ‘longevity,’ ‘success in love,’ ‘happy married life’, Plum: plum blossoms, meaning ‘tidy’ and ‘wisdom’/ symbols of auspicious occasion, Wave: infinite expanse, Gourd: meaning ‘prosperity’ and ‘harmony.’ 3 gourd is an indication of good fortune, and 6 for good health.

[Directions for use]
1) Place the center of the cutlery rest over the corner of a table.
2) Bend along the corner (forming a V shape).
*Do not bend back and forth repeatedly.


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