505321 Flower vase – Tube – L Pink Gold


NameFlower vase – Tube – L
SizeH165 φ39mm
Color/ShapePink Gold
Box sizeH45 W48 D178mm
Weight(with box)263g (317g)
DesignKenji Fukushima
MaterialTin 100% / buttom: Brass (60% copper, 40% zinc)
IntroductionThe tube motif flower vase is a beautiful combination of 2 materials; a 100% pure tin tube and a brass cap.
Pure tin is significantly antibacterial, known to absorb impurities in water, which extends the life of a freshly cut flower.  As pure tin is so soft and malleable, the tube shape can be easily changed along with your ideas.
The Cap comes in 2 colors, gold and pink gold.


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