505093 Flower vase – Suzuhana – cracked ice


NameFlower vase - Suzuhana
SizeH80 W55 D18mm
Color/Shapecracked ice
Box sizeH30 W68 D95mm
(with box)
63g (90g)
DesignMinako Kondo
MaterialTin 100%
IntroductionKnown as the most expensive metal after gold and silver, tin is very malleable and flexible. Though having nearly the whiteness of silver, it does not rust easily nor will air tarnish it readily. It is common to add other metallic materials to provide durability and facilitate cutting work, but NOUSAKU uses tin without such additives to maximize metallic property. Because tin has been known to absorb impurities and purify water, water in a tin container is said that it does not spoil easily so that flower in it lasts longer than other containers. The item has been made using a rolling techniques of pure tin. It can be used not only as a hanging vase but also as a standing vase using with #501190 chopstick rest "8."  The antibacterial qualities of tin makes it possible for flowers to last long. In 3 textures: line texture, cloth texture, cracked ice texture
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