501901 Champagne Cooler – S line

501901_Champagne cooler_S line

NameChampagne Cooler – S line
SizeH203 W207 D207mm
Box sizeH224 W259 D259mm
(with box)
1699g (2675g)
DesignShinichi Sumikawa
MaterialBrass (60% copper, 40% zinc)
IntroductionA champagne cooler made of brass, to make your table more elegant.
Brass casting, which has been handed down in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture since the Edo period, is reborn to suit the modern lifestyle. We apply a surface treatment by coloring after manual finishing process carefully carried out by our highly skilled craftsmen. The top edge is sharpened to accentuate the beauty of original brass material. The smooth and beautiful form and its stately design creates a gorgeous table.
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