501714 Chopstick Rest – fortune fish – set of 2


NameChopstick Rest - fortune fish - set of 2
SizeH10 W50 D32mm
Color/ShapeTin, Gold-plate
Box sizeH10 W150 D52mm
(with box)
66g (92g)
MaterialTin (100%)
IntroductionTai (sea bream) is a symbol of good luck because its name sounds like ‘medetai (happy in Japanese)’ and its color is lucky red. The whole body, with its head and tail, means perfection which is associated with great joy and the wish for good luck is thought to be better conveyed through the full and perfect shape.
This item is one of the Toyama souvenir series where NOUSAKU based in.
Though it is designed as chopstick rests, you can use these as objects, paperweights or anything to add enjoyment to your life.

<Notice of gold plated item>
Never polish with a commercial metal cleaner or baking soda.
Do not change the shape or soak the item in water, and be sure to dry it well after use, to prevent the gold leaf from flaking off.
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